We Specialise in web design

Our Area Of Expertise Speciality  Passion Drive

We are passionate about web design and branding. We've worked with companies of all shapes and sizes.


Web Design

We build from the ground up sites for businesses & individuals. 

Marketing Materials

We design: Flyers, Logos, Social Media Packs & brochures


We really believe in aftercare, we have a varity of options for clients after a handover. 


Live Edit Sessions

Some clients want a more hands on approach at a certain stage. We offer live edit sessions after a certain phase to help the client reach the goal they want. 

Brochure site

A brochure site is something that an Accountant/Solictor (Professional Services) would get. Avid has also worked with commerical cleaners, consultants, dentists & advertising agencies. These sites do not have functionality such as booking systems, Ecommerce stores, payment capabilites or anything including users/profile creation.

Fizzy Lemon Consulting

Cathy Is a corporate consultant and wanted to expand her practice. We built her a small brochure site showcasing her services


Ecommerce sites are exactly that, each one is different and always built from the ground up. Payment Integration, Product branding, artwork & advert designs are common requests from clients

MDS | Industrial Lubricants

MDS needed a full website rebuild and was referred to Avid via a mutual contact.

We completed the site with all requested functionality:

What Our Customers Have to Say

Our Process

We are flexible though

Discovery Call

We start off with a quick call, get a handle on the project, budget and client needs. We tend to quote after the call and not on it to ensure we fully process the scope of the site being requested, These calls are complimentary


If we agree on the project scope, a deposit will be taken (50% of the quote) then we collect all written content & relating medias. We tend to use GoogleDrive as this allows for seamless uploading of new content as needed

Phase 1

Phase 1, We design out a homepage and build navigations/footers to allow you to get a feel for the how the rest of the site will end up


We work from here to completion of all major site structures using provided content. Its not uncommon to have a few calls inbetween this for


Clients review the site & can make minor within scope revisions at this stage. Its not uncommon to expand upon initial brief at this phase, these do need requoted but we always aim to be flexible throughout the development process. Live edit sessions become available at this stage


Upon completing revisions, we pass over the site a final few times and mobile optimise. This process is usually 3-4 days and then we commence the handover, either to a preexisting server or we set you up with us. Whichever is easiest for yourselves


Do you have your domain registered? We use www.domize.com to find available domains easily. 


Please note AvidLab do not purchase domains for clients

We can provide hosting or migrate your site to a host of your choice.

Every site we do, unless specifically requested is optimised in our 3 step device process. We start at desktop, build the entire site and upon design confirmation optimise the site for Tablet and Mobile viewing. This process usually takes 3-4 days after the final design is signed off on, after this we proceed with a handover

All sites are given SSL certificates and have software loaded onto the site to aid in the prevention of being compromised. However we do strongly recommend an aftercare package to allow us to continually update your site and ensure lower probability of needless downtime

We believe in transparency, upon a handover. Every client is given full admin rights to their site & can modify as they please after the fact

Prior to handover we always take a back up of the site. This sit on our file system indefintely. We offer a series of options for aftercare. Please speak to someone about these and find the best solution for you

We do not offer SEO services, campaigns or packages. But all sites are built with SEO and indexing in mind. We keep up to date with latest practices and ensure the site is SEO friendly